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You can count on

Valiant INT. Pipeline to construct your pipeline projects

on TIME, on BUDGET, and on SPEC

Pipelines Are What We Do


Pipeline Construction

Our core competency and company roots lie in pipeline construction.  We have decades of experience that are able to handle aggressive  timelines, challenging terrain, and complex projects.

Here are some of our pipeline construction services:

•Transmission Pipelines

•Gathering / Distribution Pipelines

•Pre-Construction Planning

•Valve Change Outs

•Road / Pad Construction

•Construction of Prefabricated Steel


•Excavation / Grading

•Compressor Installation

•Meter Stations

•Project Management

•Land Owner Relations

•ROW Clearing

•ROW Maintenance

•Line Locating

•GPS Coordinates




Our chief philosophy and #1 core value is the safety of ALL  employees, whether they belong to us, our clients or the  contractors. Safety is not an option, it’s an obligation.

We are committed to providing top-level training to our employees.  An emphasis on properly equipping our employees through training  materializes into excellence. Our consultants are trained in  occupational safety, environmental protections, operator  qualifications (OQ’s), job tasks and regulatory requirements.

•Safeland, OHSA-10, Basic and other industry-leading training,

•Company-developed annual training programs,

•Computer-based training (CBT’s),

•OQ programs with Veriforce, ENERGY Worldnet, & NCCER,

•On-the-job task training,

•Mock drill training.

We are committed to doing things right the first time. It takes  more time, energy and expenses to do something a second time,  which negatively impacts our customers.

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Our Mission

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At Valiant, our mission is to be an extension  of our customers when they can’t be there. We  approach each assignment with a common vested  interest in the safety, quality, longevity and  productivity of their assets. We achieve this with the  following efforts:


•Elevating Safety to our top priority. “Working safely  may get old, but so do those who practice it.”

•Meeting challenges head-on with proactive  solutions that are cost-effective to our customers.

•Recruiting, training and providing knowledgeable,  experienced and talented personnel.

•Operating with the mindset that adhering to budget  and schedule are requirements of doing business,  not merely suggestions. Missing the mark on  either, negatively impacts all associated parties.

•Taking pride in Craftsmanship.

•Bringing back the expectation of customer service

Who We Are

About Our Company

Valiant International Pipeline offers a strategic partnership which results in a quality project completed safely, on time, and at a highly competitive cost.


Our management team has a combined 200 years in the construction industry. We lead a hardworking, focused group of qualified construction managers, project managers project engineers, field professionals, welders and pipeline specialists to deliver successful projects to our customers.


When considering pipeline contractors to bid on your next project, remember Valiant International Pipeline. Our business is built around your specific needs. We have the experience and expertise to safely complete any project while maintaining total environmental compliance. Valiant International Pipeline is not only a new contractor that has learned a tremendous amount from the past, we are the next generation pipeline contractor.

We know our business is more than just putting pipe in the ground - it's doing things right. And because we are uniquely both small in size and big in experience and resources, we are able to operate with the perfect balance of efficiency and expertise.


As our core business, Valiant International Pipeline specializes in the construction of quality pipeline systems. With Safety at the forefront of all we do, Valiant has the expertise, resources, and the manpower to schedule, manage, and construct pipelines in all terrains and weather conditions. Valiant International Pipeline will construct any project from 4-inch up to 42-inch diameter pipe.


The Valiant team is led by professionals with years of combined skill and experience in the pipeline industry. Their goal daily is to maintain an incident-free workplace and construct quality pipelines that provide long-term reliable solutions to our clients. From one- on-one interactions to 24/7 availability, we strive to meet our clients’ needs 100%. We are committed to our client’s success.

George Sellers


We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Some of our service areas include: 

Renewable Energy
Maintenance & Integrity
Pipeline Construction
HDD Drilling

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